How to stay safe online?

English 2020-01-24

Disclaimer: This is part of my homework as a part of my learning English journey, please forgive me for weak writing and I love to hear from you about your criticizing my writing to improve it, thanks.

most of us think that being safe is just from the physical materials that may hurt. think twice, your online activity may be the most dangerous thing in our life. here are some tips to be as safe as possible in cyber life. 

First, keep your credit card account safe from anyone except you. remember to secure it with a difficult password and hard to guess. you can use those password generators. Never repeat the same password with any other website like Facebook or twitter ...etc.

Second, be awaken and skeptical for everything that sounds "Too good to be true". lookup everything that seems unusual or hard to believe and ask experts you trust, until you gain the knowledge and recognize those patterns.

Third, make sure to keep your privacy as much as you could, because anything you spread it on the web you cannot take it back again unfortunately, and it may be used to hurt you or one of your family or friends. 

Finally, your safety online is as important as real-life safety. because its, after all, part of our life. part of our real life. hope you be save all the time.