Being a celebrity: a dream or a nightmare?

English 2020-01-24

Disclaimer: This is part of my homework as a part of my learning English journey, please forgive me for weak writing and I love to hear from you about your criticizing my writing to improve it, thanks.


A lot of people around the planet want this dream, to be a celebrity, to be famous and everybody knows you.

Do you want to make the world obsessed with your daily life? not mentioning all the benefits including traveling around the world and met dozens of celebrities like you. furthermore, you will get a lot of free stuff for the sake of your advertisement. Did I tell you that a lot of people will beg you for one selfie? not to tell you, you will be in most cases a wealthy. who hates money?!

On the other hand, say goodbye to your privacy. Your family, your relationships, your daily life is spotlighted whether you like it or not. you will have a bad psychological life like many celebrities we know, because of the more stress come with the media covering your troubles. A lot of rumors will be around you once and a while, and you have to be ok with this kind of life. 

in conclusion, so do what do you want Being a celebrity despite all negatives that come with it? personally, I prefer not.