The Secret To Be Succeed In Life

English 2020-01-22

Disclaimer: This is part of my homework as a part of my learning English journey, please forgive me for weak writing and I love to hear from you about your criticizing my writing to improve it, thanks.

 Life is full of success and failure. And we all need to be successful after all. Is there a secret? Is there something that the successful hide it from us.

I think it is not. Neither there is a secret nor it has been hidden. Things are obvious but it needs a lot of hardworking.

we should first of all define success. This definition differs from one person to another and based on this definition, we should work and seek for this (success) after that. So, according to my believes, the real success is to survive in the doomsday, the day of justice. The day everyone will get what he or she really deserves.

So, after we define real success among all these definitions that are false or at least quite disgraceful, we should follow through what makes us successful in the judgment day, to follow God's instructions and to follow his Prophets.

After that what happens in life does not really matter. And based on that, we should live, be successful in certain fields, and go for wealth as much as we could while not breaking ethics or religion's rules. Because, after all, we are making a huge investment for our future. We should know deeply that this life is just one part of the whole story, so we should not ignore the last chapters, which are, without a doubt, the most important. We should make this image in front of our eyes every moment to reorder our priorities. 

In addition, I want to mention that the (outliers), who have made unbelievable material success are just an exception, and the media made a lot of narrative fallacy, with not mentioning unlimited factors that made this super success. Most of us are normal people and nothing wrong with that, and we should do the right thing instead of the most attractive. This life is unfair, however other life is. And people judge results but God judge effort whit unlimited merciful. 

To conclude, do your best in life and be aware that things and people may treat you the opposite you did for them. Do the right thing in spite of that. That is the real success not just being a celebrity.