Internet and its myths

English 2019-11-21

Disclaimer: This is part of my homework as a part of my learning English journey, please forgive me for weak writing and I love to hear from you about your criticizing my writing to improve it, thanks.

We all know that myths are usually refers to an ancient civilizations like Greece and Rome, and the believes of their people, however, there are other myths related to new technology, especially the internet which is surprising.

Let us talk about the first myth, which said that every information on Wikipedia is true. that is a big myth and widespread lie. if er know that every article on Wikipedia is written and edited by the community of the site, who are not specialized most of the time. so the next time you find any information on Wikipedia look at the resources and research it with various sources to be sure and accurate.

The other myth I face it a lot even from people that have some knowledge of tech. this myth said that websites gain profits from the money you pay to your ISPs provider ( Yemen Net for example ) That is false. I have a website although I have not got a penny. websites get their revenue from advertisements, subscriptions, and other ways but definitely not from ISPs.

the third myth which is the most ridiculous said that facebook pages get money from (likes). Nothing like that happens. I wish that the last two myths I have mentioned are true but they are not, unfortunately.

Finally, whether you in the ancient history of modern ages there will be a lot of myths, and you should make the effort to know the truth.