Two cuisines from around the world

English 2019-11-21

Disclaimer: This is part of my homework as a part of my learning English journey, please forgive me for weak writing and I love to hear from you about your criticizing my writing to improve it, thanks.

There are tens of cuisines around the world, I will describe briefly two of the famous one. 

Let us define what is the meaning of cuisine. it is a style of cooking, usually related to a certain culture or a specific region.


Photo by Chan Walrus from Pexels

First, Indian cuisine. It has special ingredients like pearl millet, rice and a pretty much of spices. Almost every meal in India has a spice in it. they have famous meals such: Bryn, Dosa and Daal.



Photo by Chitokan from Pexels

Secondly, Mexican cuisine. Its ingredients are complex and affected by their ancient civilizations.

its basic elements are corn, chili peppers, and rice.

they have many famous meals like Tortilla, Taco, and Tostada.

Although I described two different cuisines from the east and the other one from the opposite side of the earth, they have similarities in ingredients but different tastes.

I hope to visit those countries and try their food.